Wild Oats

Wild Oats is an original typeface made to fit generally into the granola industry. Granola products have traditionally fit into two categories, the ancient grain, “deluxe” group and then the inexpensive, kids snack groups. One side often comes across as boring and/or expensive and the other cheap and/or cheesy. This font is stable and clean, utilizing thicker serifs and low contrast to convey health and prominence. It maintains an earthy and organic feeling to stay away from the corporate look and it has a bit of pep to catch people’s attention amongst the ever-growing selection of products on the shelf. The resulting font is interestingly simple. A nature-inspired aesthetic invokes a feeling of wanderlust and draws from the spunk of 60s and 70s typography to sprinkle in a touch of nostalgia. This typeface best-suited for print for heading/display sizes but is legible enough to be set in short paragraphs and sub-headings. Though it will be best used in packaging design, it could also work well for branding wordmarks and print advertising.