Under Pressure

Under Pressure is a classic rock duet by Queen and David Bowie from the early 80s and one of the most iconic duets ever produced. The poster features the key phrase “Insanity Laughs” from the songs epic climax because it’s the threshold of the anthems duality. The pinnacle of the song is a transition between the realization that humanity is breaking under pressure and the desperate cry for love as the solution.

The insanity of the song is portrayed in the random-ness of the letter shapes, the cracking of the letter-forms, the flash of lightning that mimics the famous bowie bolt and the insane smile under the iconic mercury mustache. The shades of pink and yellow create the warm and human aspect of the design, reflecting ideas of humanity and hope in the anthem. The grunge texture gives the poster urban context, you can sense that the poster has walked the streets and witnessed the pressure first hand. The desperation of the song is shown through the cracks of the composition while the stacked words and proximity of the letters brings the whole composition together with the feeling of community.

type poster colour palette. black, almost black, white, two contrasting shades of pink and an orange-yellow.