I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy is a 1950s sitcom that follows the life of a not-so-typical housewife, Lucy Ricardo, her Cuban, bandleader husband, Ricky Ricardo, and their ever-present neighbours and landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz. Lucy is driven by her determination to one day, despite her lack of talent, become a star and, with her unparalleled knack for getting herself and her friends in, and out, of trouble, there is genuinely never a dull moment. The title sequence features a ball-bounce animation. The challenge of this project was to redesign an existing title sequence using only typography, so the ball is taken from the i in the word-mark. The ball bounces from frame to frame, “meddling” with each actor’s name, much like Lucy and the people in her life. But each word is also only completed by the interference of the ball, referencing how Lucy’s quirky personality charms people and ends up winning over everyone she meets. The animation mimics the show’s playfulness and comedic style and the colours keep it light-hearted and give it the same idealist feeling that you get from watching the show.

i love lucy, redesigned wordmark.
i love lucy title sequence colour palette. red, two shades of orange, light yellow and two shades of blue.