Grow Wild

The Grow Wild project is all about sustainability through gardening, specifically with wildflowers. Through in-depth research, this project went from a study on wildflowers and their purposes to a discovery of ecosystem gardening and how we can use wildflowers as a tool to strengthen the ecosystem. The first part of the project was creating a set of educational cards about the aster family of wildflowers that are found in Manitoba. The colours of the flowers are indicated by the colours of the cards, which became the colours for the whole project. The following parts of the project are taking that research and translating it into a product and an informational book. The book is focused on the benefits of gardening with wildflowers and how to do so, so the natural product to fit with it was a packet of wildflower seeds.

Grow wild type treatment
grow wild colour palette. blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow and green.